Tax law and tax disputes

In the course of more than a decade of experience in tax disputes resolution including litigation under both Ukrainian and international law, MS Partners has developed the following arrangements.

Either at the initial stage of company registration or in the process of activity – We provide advice on choice of the business paradigm which is proper and safe from the legal point of view. The choice of the form of taxation, optimization and minimization of tax risks in various aspects of tax liabilities - VAT, income tax, single tax, transport tax, property tax, personal income tax.

  • As a result, scheduled inspection, unscheduled inspection, desk audit and physical inspections will no longer be stressful for your company as you will be able to avoid any issues with the tax authorities.

We can also help you to avoid problems with preparing tax returns properly. With our help you will no longer be afraid of fines and criminal liability.

We also work with clients who contact us after the tax inspections have already been carried out. This might be either on the issues of appealing the results, judicial and administrative appeal conclusions of tax, unblocking of tax invoices or on being present during the tax inspection. This enables business to avoid or significantly reduce fines as well as reduce the litigation costs.

International expertise and cooperation with leading European partners enables us to provide legal support for scaling up business and entering international markets.

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