European law

To provide legal support for companies and individuals within the framework of European law, one should possess a deep understanding of litigation process and a good knowledge of both the European legislation and also of the laws of each specific EU country. However, the study of a huge amount of information cannot guarantee you a high-quality support of projects under international European law unless it is combined with the practical experience in litigation and legal practice altogether.

A superficial approach on this count may entail not only serious financial risks but also the loss of reputation in both Ukrainian and international markets.

Partners MS Partners have a long-term European law experience.

We cooperate successfully with the European Commission on various issues such as for importing goods and providing services to European markets, filing complaints regarding the actions of the Commission directors-general of the Commission including the Directorate-General For Competition, filing complaints to the European Ombudsman and defending clients' interests in European courts.

  • You could use our assistance in monitoring trade offers and providing tenders. We may also advise you on making agreements in accordance with the Ukrainian and European law requirements as well as with UNIDROIT Principles.

We provide legal support for international development projects, draw up technical proposals and coordinate activities of consortium partners.

We conduct negotiations and provide legal advice on how to dispose your investments in Ukraine and the EU alike. We also may help you to find partners for joint ventures.

We provide assistance in signing of import-export contracts under INCOTERMS. In case a dispute arises, we protect our clients' interests within various jurisdictions according to ad- hoc, institutional reconciliation and arbitration procedures.