International commercial arbitration

It is important for companies engaged in foreign trade, to understand the procedure for settling disputes arising out of international commercial contracts. The International Commercial Arbitration Court could be a better alternative to the national Ukrainian courts when an international commercial dispute arises.

  • Compared with litigation in state courts, the arbitration process is fairly quicker and lower in cost. In addition, in arbitration complete confidentiality is maintained.

The place for arbitration of the issue, applicable law and the procedural language is decided by the parties seeking the settlement. The parties are also free to appoint the arbitrator (arbitrators) who will decide the matter.

The advantage of cooperation with MS Partners is that you receive comprehensive legal support of international agreements, including legally appropriate execution of the contracts and, if necessary, the resolution of any possible disputes in an international arbitration court. While working with us, you will no longer need to look for a foreign legal representative abroad. Our partners can protect your interests in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Spanish, German and French languages. We cooperate with the Vienna International Arbitral Centre due to its reasonable pricing in comparison to other jurisdictions as well as the flexibility of procedure.

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