Legalization of your business

Your project is growing and developing. You have got your customers. You are making profit and have an understanding of your prospects. It is high time you thought about legalization of your business.

We may help you to register a company or a sole proprietorship, advise you on the choice of forms of doing business, types of activities, the optimal taxation scheme, and analyze the risks and prospects for your project. We will help you to open a bank account and register a payment system, draw up contracts for you with employees and partners, and organize accounting and tax reporting.

There is another option. You are thinking of selling your existing business. Needless to say, how important the legal and accounting documents are for your potential buyer.

  • We will help you to arrange your asset properly. It includes registering a company when the need arises. We can protect your intellectual property, register a trademark for you, establish legal relations with your business partners, employees as well as set down the contracts with your customers formally.

One more side of your activities is to prepare contracts and legal registration of relations between the Ukrainian representative office and a foreign parent company, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), an audit of compliance with the requirements of European law for EU citizens personal data protection (also known as GDPR AUDIT).

We understand entrepreneurs and try every time to balance the legal side of the case with the realities of doing small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine, as well as the clients' needs and market requirements. We speak the language everyone understands and flexibly price legal services.

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