Business exists for making money. We understand entrepreneurs and know how difficult it sometimes is to reconcile the legal side of the issue with the realities of small and medium business in Ukraine as well as with the requirements of clients and the market. We appreciate the trust of our clients and try to be honest and open, knowing that the client trusts us with something important for him.

Legal services are the business in which we operate, strive to be the best and care about our reputation. This is the thing we love. This is our life and our element. We are on the same page with you and want to be comfortable with each other in solving legal problems.

Each of our partners is a practicing lawyer with many years of international experience in legal cases


Lawyer, Partner, member of Ukrainian Bar Association

MAJOR SPECIALIZATION: international law, IT law, company registration in the USA, Europe and UK.

He has been advising companies and entrepreneurs on legal aspects of domestic and international corporate activities for more than 10 years. He works with startups and IT companies from the outset of business development, implementing all legal procedures for company and trademark registration in Ukraine and in other foreign jurisdictions. He also files patent applications and further submissions in view of obtaining all mandatory administrative licenses, authorizations, and permits. Mr. Mazur has acquired substantial expertise in drawing up licensing and other public and private contracts and agreements. He regularly assists clients in opening bank accounts in compliance with their best interest and with Ukrainian foreign exchange regulations. Mr. Mazur designs advantageous tax plans and strategies abiding by the provisions of the relevant tax laws and treaties. He assists clients in scaling up their highly successful business with a view to removing any type of customs barriers, or alternatively advising about and facilitating commercial operations dealing with the import and export of goods and services.

In his professional activities, he successfully combines his experience in conducting an IT business and his deep expertise in international legal matters.

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Lawyer, Managing Partner, member of Ukrainian Bar Association

MAJOR SPECIALIZATION: contract law and tax law, legalization and legal support of business, intellectual property protection and personal data protection in accordance with the European legislation (GDPR).

She has more than 10 years of professional experience in tax litigation in Ukraine, defending clients' interests before courts on tax matters, and appealing against legal acts and judicial decisions issued by competent tax authorities. She notably files applications for the protection of intellectual property rights and designs, and structures and organizes in-house processes for the protection of personal data in accordance with the legislation of the European Union (GDPR).

Ms. Shymborska assists clients on matters related to the successful implementation of business transactions, including drafting commercial contracts with partners (joint venture agreements, industrial cooperation covenants, etc.), and customers (sales contracts), labor contracts with employees, and cooperation agreements between the Ukrainian branch and the foreign parent company. She is an expert in the UNIDROIT principles of international commercial contracts and in the Principles of European Contract Law.

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Partner, Legal Counsel, LLM (Georgetown University), member of the Madrid Bar Association (Spain)

Mr. Iturriagagoitia's main areas of practice include international, WTO and the law of the European Union. He provides thus legal support for commercial agreements, for the use of trade defense instruments, public procurement, and international commercial arbitration.

He has served as Counsel at the International Court of Arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Mr. Iturriagagoitia has been active in his own "boutique law firm" in Brussels for almost 20 years.

Mr. Iturriagagoitia combines the practice of the contract lawyer with an activity in the field of litigations before national jurisdictions and in arbitration procedures. He is experienced not only as a lawyer in arbitrations but also as sole arbitrator, member of an arbitral tribunal or chairman of arbitral tribunals. In addition, Mr. Iturriagagoitia has a vast experience in the field of mainly EU-funded Technical Assistance projects dealing with legal reforms, i.e. the transposition of the acquis communautaire or WTO Agreements into national laws of beneficiary countries and with judicial and institutional reforms.

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