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The ability to find a way out in difficult situations is one of the most valuable qualities for running a business. However, not all problems can be solved on your own steam. Sometimes clients come to us when they have already done all in their power to find a solution. As a rule, in such situations an outside perspective is needed. You might not be able to manage the situation without professional legal assistance.

Take over our clients' issues until the desired result is obtained. We use all the necessary resources and tools to achieve this goal. The point is not that we just give you a piece of advice on what to do. It is about SOLVING YOUR PROBLEM. Such kind of service is known as a Problem solver.

  • MS Partners lawyers have a deep understand of the legal field. We have many years of diverse experience in legal practice, including pretrial settlement and litigation. This helps us to see the problem from different perspectives.

Due to our well-established network and international experience we find solutions going beyond the framework of legal practice. The tasks we are dealing with concern such areas as IT, economics, banking, logistics, etc.

We offer a comprehensive solution using an individual approach for each project. We specify the goals, study the problem in detail and define the risks and possible solutions.

We choose the best options for action together, build a team to solve the problem and work to achieve the desired result, by taking all necessary measures, up to the litigation process if necessary.

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