Company registration in the USA, Europe and in the UK

It is a big step at the stage of company growth to open a foreign office or a branch. It is an ability to gain an additional competitive advantage for business, tax optimization solution and a guarantee for international clients as you will be doing business on their territory, within the legal framework of the country of branch and within the foreign jurisdiction.

  • We help companies to avoid any possible difficulties and mistakes at the stage of registration within the foreign jurisdiction.

For example, relating to the choice of proper business structure, choice of a foreign bank that works with residents of Ukraine, opening accounts, preparing documents in a foreign language, choice of payment system with due consideration of the particular type of activity.

MS Partners has its correspondent offices in New York and London. Our representatives will speak with you in your native language while being perfectly familiar with the internal features of starting a business in the US and Europe.

You will be able to save your time and effort, avoid additional financial costs by following this path with an experienced resident partner. We have experience in preparing all the necessary personal and corporate documents for successful opening of bank accounts in the jurisdictions of Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Cyprus.

  • You can also entrust us accounting services of your company abroad.

We know exactly to which authorities, when and what kind of reports to file and how to pay taxes etc. We do it on time and in accordance with the legal requirements. At the same time, the cost of accounting services for you will be lower in comparison with the offers of the local market.

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